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From an existential crisis to BRAND ZEN in 48hrs


I won’t say it was easy, but it definitely felt like an awakening. A true serendipity moment.  A set of events aligned to achieve a creative inner-peace.

IMG_7152 copyLeave it to the universe to take an existential crisis, turn it all around and create an atmosphere of creative inner-peace and Brand zen mode in just 48hrs.

IMG_7058 copyI had this anxiety feeling, for what felt like the longest time.
A couple of months overthinking your every move will take a toll on everyone’s creative being.
I second guessed myself in love, life, and work, creating a spiral of deadly words against myself each and every time.

IMG_7078 copyThe complaining and overthinking came as second nature to me and all I accomplished was to sink deeper into this quicksand of my own doing.

Day in and day out. Until that is… my very own Brand Zen moment was created.

Brand Zen is triggered by achieving a creative inner-peace.
A peace you a accomplish when you surround yourself by your true/deepest passions.

IMG_7174 copyI owe this awaking to the Rivertown Lodge Boutique Hotel in Hudson, NY.

Everything I love about design, branding and elegant decor spoke to me, all while spending a relaxed morning in the lobby’s cozy living space. Surrounded by vintage furniture of Swedish 70’s furniture and custom designed decor by Brooklyn-based Workstead studio took my mind to a tranquil state.

IMG_7063 copyThis dashing uptown escape reminded me of the reasons why I love the life I’m leading and that indeed I am steering it towards an exceptional outcome.

It took this charming place of grand stylish savoir-faire to wake my senses and evoke my love for Brands once more.

IMG_7110 copy

New York City’s Kim Bucci and Ray Pirkle’s hospitality veterans channeled all my Wes Anderson-ness weakness into one uptown escape Hotel, hard to believe it’s their first one.

Rivertown Lodge bewitched me.
Its original movie theater sign from 1928, iron beddings, cherrywood walls and brass light fixture will linger in my branding-memories to come.

IMG_7130 copy

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