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Will fictional Characters inspire more Brand Strategy ideas?


We’ve seen the Instagram stories, the filtered insta-worthy posts and read about it on every lifestyle web magazine out-there. Its SOLD OUT, lets talk about it.

Starbucks unicorn flavored Frapuccino is a Brand move we’ll be talking about for years.

Call it a craze, a stunt, a sugar-rush on steroids, Starbucks marketing move has been a mass success.

Lets just get passed all the social chat about the over sugary taste, its magical powder and its cute rainbow unicorn colors.

What we should be talking about, is Starbucks’ swift insight development moves or how quickly they take on social trends to reinterpret and adapt it into a new commercial move.

Starbucks is no stranger to taking on trends and striking gold from them, last year they hit us with the popular secret menu’s Pink Drink and this year they’re officially adding it to their summer menu.  Capitalize again on the now evergreen Millennial Pink trend.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.17.34 AM

This was a very clear take on a trend of rainbow foods and unicorn interpreted concoctions perfectly listed by Well + Good earlier this year.

Just as David Butler said in his book Design to Grow, back in 2015 the only way we can respond to a fast-changing market is a quick response to trends with a quick insight development strategy.

“Combining the advantages of scale with [the momentum of] agility”.

We’ve certainly seen co-branding food related actions in the past with know tv/film characters, like my personal favorite, last years Capn Crunch and Kith Treats partnership. Partnership who took our nostalgic devotion for the sugary cereal and applied it to our Urban Apparel weakness.

2_bb44dde0-f3e0-4cd3-bc6e-4a31bdc2a050_1160x.progressiveIt is no secret that Nostalgia plays a powerful role in moving social trends.

From our favorite childhood colors (that we no longer dare to ware) to endearing fictional characters we befriended (and secretly still adore) and the fully colorful sugary sweets be devoured (and still do when we are down).

Our favorite fictional heroes are back to lift our spirits once more.

Hopefully inspiring our imagination and concept strategies like last holiday season’s COACH “REXY” the dinosaur, who inspired creative co-brandings like Coach x Colette Kid’s urban collection.

We must look for inspiration amongst these nostalgic characters and elements first had, be ready when these social insights appear and act quickly to adapt our Brand Strategies before the trend dries out.



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