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Follow the Rabbit

Follow the Rabbit: LINCOLN CENTER


“I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours”

New York City becomes a stylish winter wonderland of urban and elegance. When the temperature has gone down, the street-runway of stylish coats and gorgeous boots begins.

And so does the METROPOLITAN OPERA Season.

The #SatinRabbit takes a visit at Midnight hour to the glimmer and shine of the epic space that will host one more opera season. A season of tuxedo jackets and sequence dresses that is sure to receive a new standing ovation.

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Follow the Rabbit

Follow the rabbit: Central Park

“How long is forever? … Sometimes, just one second.”
One second of stylish-eternity is exactly how I felt in this all ZARA outfit.

You’ll know where to find the #SatinRabbit for his Holiday outfit.

ZARA MAN, once again has read my mind with its 2016 Fall-Winter collection.
It’s URBAN meets ELEGANT selections is giving me all sort of dirty mind feelings.

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Inspirational Branding

HUNK Branding


Finally designers aim to make MEN feel hot, looking good and sexy.

Couldn’t help to notice that this Spring/Summer 2015, is coming with a high dose of Abs and this time displayed in more handsome outfits than ever.

We are definitely seeing a big change in men’s fashion style and not just in the grooming department, but in displaying that Abdominal V.

Male models never looked sexier, we use to have only a couple selection, today we get newer more provocative Brands every year, all coming with a unique and new way to show the coveted obliques, who would say MEN would have this many choices.

MEN are rapidly becoming the new “Make me feel sexy” demographic, so… how about a Victoria Secret type Show with all this HUNKs in TRUNKS … Aussiebum take note!

Thanks to brands like Parke & Ronen who take the lead, this garment is more bold and daring. Branders we must stay alert on this HUNKish Trend, the next generation of Big Brands will most surely be MEN’s only, plus men can show those ABS we all love.

Im happy to report, this men’s (below the waist) style, will only get stronger. Lare 2014 pattern Trends are only getting stronger.

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