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D&G sexualizing done right


We value beauty, that’s a fact.

Idolizing both the female and male body is not a modern idea; emperors, artists, admen and now social media all sexualize the female and male body in someway.

The goal has always been to attract attention and make something (that had no previous value) memorable.

The reason brands today are now seeking a strong female and male sensual-presence is to create a strong and sensual alluring feeling. No wonder we are now seeing the male body being sexualized in the same way. Think how the new wave of superheroes movies has hit the markets hard.  


Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.50.29 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.49.23 PM

The goal is not only to adore the physical attraction, but to create a storyline with this beauty.
No one has done this better than the 32 year old Italian brand DOLCE & GABBANA.

D&G has hit us with live sensuality in stunning ways this year, making the crossing of fashion lifestyle to real life just right.

From their live campaigns streaming on Instagram stories to their millennial influencer fashion shows. Dolce & Gabbana is managing to bring back the sense of belonging to the luxury-fashion world.

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An Icon for an Icon: Madonna for Versace


Creative director, Donatella Versace, chose the Queen of Pop to be the brand’s inspiration. No other theme or concept is used but Madonna herself.

Versace, the Italian fashion brand by excellence that is world-known for its luxurious extravagance has a new face for its SS15 Campaign: Madonna.

Shot by Mert & Marcus ( who´ve work with her previously directing her “Girl Gone Bad” video), the black and white campaign shows a stylish femme-fatale Madonna. The photographs portray a very sexy and powerful woman with a very strong look. Image which Madonna has constructed over the years.

When an important Fashion House like Versace invited Madonna and told her for this Campaign to “be herself”, means she has being branding herself the right way. She is being the face of the brand, just as well renowned models that are powerful l in the Fashion Industry like Lara Stone, Adriana Lima, Cara Delavigne and Candice Swanepoel.

This joint venture came with perfect timing. Her new album “Rebel Heart” is being released this year, but in the Music Industry, the music isn´t enough. Artists need to expand their horizons and try other things to build themselves an image that can turn them into a powerful brand. Madonna tried that and conquered the Fashion one. Her constant image changes with very defined concepts made herself an inspiration.


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Kendall Jenner: Victoria’s not so secret weapon?


Victoria’s Secret is well known worldwide because of the concept they’ve created. The sexy but yet classy brand has built through the years a certain image that is inspirational to women and appealing to men.


With nearly 5.2 billion dollars in sales (ended January 2014), we can agree that the company may seem all bubbly and fun but they are dead serious when it comes to business. Since the early 90’s, the company strategizes investing in their famous and anticipated annual fashion show.

The beautiful “Angels” that light up the runway are perfectly selected. Not only beautiful, but being at the top of their careers, Victoria’s Secret uses this to their favor to add popularity to a show that is seen in over more than 200 countries.

Living in a digital Era, companies must understand where the public is paying attention so they can get a chance to sell. This is where Kendall Jenner becomes relevant to the brand. With over more than 15 million followers on Instagram and being part of the most successful reality shows ever (Keeping up with the kardashians), Kendall could definitely add some scope to the youth audience the brand is aiming at.

If she is confirmed for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, that will be held for the first time in London, she will join a long list of models which are iconic in the fashion business such as: Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bündchen.

She was part of New York and Paris Fashion Weeks last season working for brands like: Givenchy, Balmain, Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna and Marc Jacobs. It doesn’t matter how she appeared in the business, she is definitely getting the credentials to be a part of it. Giving her the “wings” might be controversial but profitable for the brand.

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