Inspirational Branding

ode to the Insight


A visionary concept found hiding at plain sight.

an elusive ghost.
A myth, a spirit,
a morning fog that arrives as easily as it escapes.

A matter for the Gods,
a spiritual guide of the masterminds.
It is within the Insight that we make the intangible, tangible.

Easy to see it as a bygone gift reserved for the creative few, the lucky ones who’ve shouted through it, eureka!

We keep encountering tools that guarantee success if the process and steps are blindly followed.
We keep finding inspirational tools that over promise aiding our strategy with pointless exercises.

We keep loosing ourselves as we use this so called miracle methods, only to find ourselves back to square one and with no new Insight in mind.

Have we become eternal idea-daydreamers?
Have insights become a mere word with no relative meaning?

Getting this spark of inspiration is easier said than done.
It comes down to you, your knowledge, your ability to connect ideas, but most important… It comes down to the contrasting lifestyles you experience.

We constantly seek new inspiration,
new products,
new design,
new concepts.

Our never-ending look for Brand concepts that will awe our creative minds and ignite the spark we so desperately seek lies within the Anatomy of the insight.


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Inspirational Branding

The Anatomy of an Insight


We tend to think having an Insight is for the lucky few. Our mind links this word to historic geniuses and breakthrough discoveries; no wonder why it can be such an intimidating word.

 So, what is an insight?

Definitely not a new question, but one that has got a recent traction in the business world (I thank all creativity for business books in 2015). When you research the word, your search most likely will take you to two known phrases, the Eureka and the AHA Moment. Which sound like phrases out of a Harry Potter movie, a charm to help you conjure the mythical Insight.

On this note, Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert gave an amazing TED talk about this strange divinity.  She talks about a possible supernatural force that enters your  body and gives you moment of enlightenment that pushes you to create in that very moment.

Business and theorists alike haven’t quite grasped the structure of it. What would an Insight even look like? And most important, can it be dissected in order to understand it?

After doing some studying and lots of book reading. I’ve come up with a plausible anatomy of an Insight.

1 ContentInformation you value (Books you read, Movies you watch, the News you pay attention to, etc).

2 ProfessionThe education, training, and unique skills you have (Studies you have, the position you are in, Your expertise in business, etc).

3 Delight Experiences that captivate and entertain you ( Your Hobby, your Passion, Your Guilty pleasure, etc).

It’s a three-parter. Three sides of something that converge and create this unique thing. If it were a human-known shape, it would definitely be a PRISM.

A prism is by definition, a refracting triangular form. A form where angles and sides interact with each other. Crystal, but once you shine a bit of light on it, you get a spectacle of lights, of colors, of beauty.

That is what an Insight is. A spectrum of colors that converged from three surfaces you can master.They Key is to stay aware, in order to catch a ray of light that will make your prism shine.

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