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Retail is Dead. The Fitness Hub is taking over


Food emporiums are too mainstream.
Coffee shops are so passé.
The Retail is dead.
This 2017 the Fitness-hub is here to conquer and rule the wellness consumer.

No longer just a place to get a good sweet and booty workout at the end of the week.
Consumers have started to shift from the traditional all-inclusive gym membership and going to specifically design workout hubs.

The trend will not stop, indeed this 2017 will probably see new fitness tribes, new workouts, new offers for clients willing to spend money to get the body they seek.

Crossfit locations are known to be the trend starter of this fitness/wellness consumer. Crossfit creators where able to connect a needed sense of community with a need to boost some fitness and well diserve wellness into our lives . 

Last year we saw the continued boom of  lifestyle-CULT places like:
Barry’s Boot Camp,

Brooklyn Boulders &

2017  brings in a new kid on the block.
Rumble Boxing
, the newest addition to this very front trend of fitness lifestyle by 
Barry’s Boot camp ex-trainer Noah Neiman.

If we analyze the need and the reason behind their growing success, we might find the key to the future of retail.
NO. Retail is not dead.

It’s merely just evolving, and reshaping into a true Lifestyle HUB.
A HUB where we see a convergence of all our newest needs, the needs of the biggest generation there has been. Apparel, Food, Entertainment and Fitness.

Yes (rest assured), consumers still want to shop and dine outside the comfort of their homes.
They just don’t want to find the same type of services and products they can find with a click of a button.

As Brand Strategist, we must learn to see the insights of this ever growing trend of Fitness HUBs in America.

In this hyper-personalized society, consumers seek to shop and enjoy the products they will display and be proud to share on their social media. There is no question on the reason behind the Supplement Bars, Branded Protein Shake and extended merchandising that defines set tribe.  A tribe who seeks to belong to and show the world who and what they are all about.

Products and services carefully design to appeal both the direct consumer of the fitness camp and the social media user being showed the Brand online.  

The calling: You must belong to this FitnessHub in order to display proudly our products.

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