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Brand Review : Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor

©James Woodley Photography

BRAND Immersion : Intrinsic Brand value’s analysis

Fitness classes have developed the need for society to get back in touch with our bodies not just at a physical level, but spiritual as well.

Their cult-like lifestyle is intoxicating for a reason. You walk out a new person, a person filled with the positive energy of men and women in every walk of life.

When you are in a room with people that have the same emotional goals as you, even if you don’t engage in conversation, you connect to them at a deep energy level.
At one specific moment we all become a collective energy for change.

To become someone better, to feel good within, to be proud of ourselves both physically and mentally.

Your body and mind go into a trace with like minded positivity.
This energy is so fulfilling, so strong, so empowering it becomes addictive.

©James Woodley Photography
©James Woodley Photography

 A healthy dependency to happiness by symbiosis.
History is full of examples both in ancient and modern civilizations of similar tandem rituals.

Humans are known to gather around a single object or symbol to move or dace within a certain rhythmic sound. It’s within these moments of trance, were a true connection to the gods was felt.

Ceremonial rituals to worship and devote all energy to a certain divinity.

If you’ve ever been at a Barry’s Bootcamp class, you clearly feel all energy in the room being focused on one idol. The trainer in the room becomes a symbol of our own need to change.

All our trust goes to one idol, all our devotion. One idol whom we aspire to be.

This wellness movement has come to idolize trainers and fitness models as such. We give value to the one person who can facilitate our physical and emotional goals, a spiritual guide who knows all the secrets we seek to posses.


Barry’s Bootcamp trainers not only create a string allure around them, becoming social media kings and queens, they become part of our lives. Their figures become an influence to to our daily choices.

We are in a moment where tuning into our spiritual beings is not only a trend, but a necessary part of our lives. We admire and praise people who are in sync with their wellbeing selves and seek to follow the path of a wellness change

We value wellness goals as much as professional ones and lookup to individuals who have turned this into a career. 

It’s when all the negative energy goes out of our bodies that we have the space to actually listen to our creative being.

It’s when we are truly connected with ourselves that we can hear the calling of inspiration.

It’s when we allow more room for our mind and body to fill with positive energy that positive ideas burst in, connections happen and the insights begin.


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Inspirational Branding

29 going on 30 … cue the funfetti indulgences?


Is it ridiculous to say that I’m actually having an existential crisis at this age?
Is it too farfetched to think that at 29, I’m already getting feelings of doom?
How common are these feelings with our generation? Is it just me? Am I the only one?

Cue the funfetti indulgences!
My favorite creamy, soft and indulgent treats from Dashing Brands to get me through turning 29 and the reminder of how close the dreaded 3…0 is.

The first Brand I go to is Halo Top – Birthday Cake
The golden lid, rainbow polka-dot design, and quirky quote make all the creaminess with just 280 calories per pint that much better. All it needs is an attached golden spoon Halo Top take note.


1 pint after and the rambling continues…

All through my 20s, 30 just seemed far away. I kept picturing the-30-me as a complete adult, a grown man that figured out who he is and where he is going. A man that has it all together, Love, Life, and Work.

Well… The Universe is getting a great laugh for none of these are remotely close to being figured out, and yes, I do like to complain.

You guessed it, I’m part of the most educated, least paid and terribly unsatisfied generation, the millennials. The generation that collectively feels creative and has extra projects here and there.

A generation not defined by our profession, but by our passions.
A generation not defined by titles, but the willingness to create to become someone greater than who we are.

And what’s a better mix of two passions than KITH Treats – Fruity Pebbles vanilla swirl.
The coolness factor of KITH‘s footwear lifestyle brand and the sweet nostalgic flavors of our childhood favorite cereals, remind me of simple times when I could control my feelings.


With all these feelings of sweet creativity been awakened in me, you would think I would feel I’m on the right path.

I know that I might be blowing things out of proportions, yet articles like Forbes 30 under 30, designers like Adam J. Kurtz named on PRINT Magazine’s 15 Under 30  and of course, who can forget the new youngest Director to win an oscar Damien Chazelle for La La Land.

It’s this same strength of our generation that keeps me both motivated as well as in a constant panic mode.

I told you, this existential crisis was no joke.
Have I not been innovative enough in my career? Will all this hard work eventually pay off?

I keep having to remind myself that I must be on constant guard and self-evolution. Learning from every great story of our generation, both entrepreneurs and creative heroes alike. We most see them as inspiration and be proud of the fact that we are a collective creative generation.

I guess I’m telling you as well as myself that your Dashing Indulgences and Creative heroes can only help your path to great creative achievements. They will keep me awake at night for sure, but hopefully, I get to dream of funfetti ideas to pursue.

And to end my inner quarrel I leave you with the best of both worlds, ICE & VICE – Rainbow cake cookie.
A true new yorker Brand that mixes street style lifestyle, pop culture colors and uncommon flavors.
May we all be a little like ICE & VICE.


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Inspirational Branding

FOOD is a lifestyle. a POP accessory

Dashing Brand Club – M.I.L.F. $

FOOD is not a COMMODITY … Food is a BRAND, Food is a STORY, Food is a LIFESTYLE. 

In the past few years, Food has passed from being a commodity to becoming a Lifestyle and a part of the consumer’s personality. Consumers used to substitute one product from another disregarding its Brand altogether.

Today, FOOD is a LIFESTYLE choice. A choice that holds intrinsic values that make food the new POP accessory.

YEAH you know where I was going with this…  Fergie new video M.I.L.F.$  with hunk male model Jon Kortajarena shows us that FOOD (Milk in this case) can be POP culture element touching on mischief lifestyle values.

Fergie‘s play on Milk, gives it new lifestyle values.  Storytelling of this caliber can motivating consumers and drive them towards your product. This new identity, relates directly to the consumers way of life. Food Products must create a culture that embodies the interest, attitude, and opinion of a specific group of people.

Fergie M.I.L.F. $

food brands need to LOOK FOR A TRIBE 

Lifestyle brands carry with them powerful universal values or stories that are instantly recognizable by a unique tribe of consumers. The key would be to shift the products values. Values the Brand holds at its core. Repurpose this values, into a new set of ideas and lifestyle that represent certain qualities or meanings to the tribe-consumer. 

Consumers seek and consciously choose products on personality and self-values.

Instagram is now becoming the favorite connecting platform to Lifestyle Brands In 2014 alone, three million interactions were created between Instagram users and more than 2,500 direct messages to Brand Accounts. That’s 111.6 million of lifestyle-seeking consumers.

Instagram is the best platform for brands that want to interact with their consumers and showcase a LIFESTYLE surrounding their Brand. No wonder Fergie’s finale on her M.I.L.F.$  video is the perfect screenshot of her Instagram profile.

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Inspirational Branding

How should a Brand Strategist Dress to Impress


Proper enough to consult on Design Identity for Brands and Proper enough to lead a team and create Strategy with marketing objectives.

Undeclared dress codes exist in almost every work field, bankers dress in suit and power ties while programers in hoodies and t-shirts. What could be the right kind of attire for a professional that must appear both Creative and Strategic?

Ever heard the phrase “Dress for the Job you want” or “Dress for success”, well what if we (like today) are creating this new field and job … there is not a lot of us out there so where should we get inspiration from?

We most appear to know the current fashion trends and the latest top brands to use, we most talk about strategy as fluid as we talk about design, no pressure right.

So… Here is my version of a Creative/Strategic Style, that I have to admit has been working in my latest meetings with TOP Brand Managers.

1. Skinny JEANS the Darker the Better

2. Know your Stylish TPS: T-shirt, Polo or Sweater

3. Boots and Colored Shoes are Jeans best friends

4. A decorative Handkerchief can go a long way

5. Silver is the new Gold

The best style is the one that can help you make the statement of your Personal Brand, so from now on every time you shop, picture your own Brand Word. I’ll let you borrow mine; Elegant, Gentleman, Rockstar or Urban.

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Inspirational Branding

Brand Manager: Creative or Strategic?


We create concepts, but we are not designers, we make strategies, but we are not business men; so … are Brand Managers and Brand Strategist a professional sector on its own?

Where do we belong, what is our niche? This question always comes to me when ever I go to networking events in different sectors. We are people torn between two worlds, the strategic and the creative, not a lot of people can say that both their right and left brain work in sync with each other; ours do!

Brand Identity problems come easy to us and a creative-block is not something we have; we know all types of brainstorming processes to get ourselves unstuck and back into the strategy.

We deal with multiple personalty disorder; we admire/like/obsess over fashion, wines, comics, luxury, organic, etc. We love THE BRAND and not the sector, we are seduced by what that Brand has to offer and just as our minds are, we love different sector Brands.

If you are like me even that typical question, What type of music do you listen to?  feels uncomfortable … That’s because is a small fit! we can like them ALL, we adapt and enjoy almost every genera.

An eternal conflict that might never be solved; the good thing is that with every graduating generation I see more and more of US, we will conquer the COMM/MRKTG world, move over … ITS BRAND Management ERA.

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Inspirational Branding

Fashionable Workout!

Oysho gymware

Girls want to feel sexy and stylish whilst they are working out. The top Ready-to-wear Brands know how to target this growing fashion style.


A few years ago you would walk into the gym and girls would be wearing their XL slouchy t-shirt (stolen from their dads, older brothers or boyfriends), a pair of black leggings or loose pants and a messy ponytail.

Now… it’s all about looking fashionable at the gym. Now a days you walk into the gym and you are surrounded by bold patterns, bright colours and all kind of different sports outfits, sports accessories and fashionable braids and sporty hair styles.

Recent studies have shown that women prefer to spend more money on their sportswear rather than their everyday clothes. We see how more and more brands are starting to experiment in the Sportswear sector, expanding the offer women have.

For example, during 2014 brands like H&M, Bershka and Oysho have wowed us with their Fitness lines, sportswear and gym line, all packed with neon sports bras, animal prints patterns, diversity of hoodie, jackets, sporty cropped top and an interesting mishmash of colours and shapes. All of them offer a great variety of options, to make your workout fun, confortable but most of all to make you feel beautiful whilst taking care of yourself!

It’s all about making women feel STYLISH even if they are dripping with sweat!

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Inspirational Branding

FIT is the NEW SEXY !

Kayla Itsines

I want you to meet the new top fitness blogger Kayla Itsines, this 23 year old Australian personal trainer is the new sensation on Social Media. 

There is finally someone out there fighting against the conviction that being sexy means being skinny, that to be pretty you have to starve yourself and spend long hours at the gym.

She is revolutionising the world of dieting and fitness. She has published three guides; Bikini Body Nutrition Guide, Workout Guide and Workout 2.0 Guide, that help women become the best version of themselves. This guides are a huge success all over the world! Do you want to know why? Because they work and Kayla knows how to engage with her followers, she wins her followers trust therefore they buy her guides. 

Now a days having a great product isn’t enough for it to sell and be popular, you have to know how to use Social Media the right way and Kayla knows exactly how to do that, she is the perfect example of a Personal Brand using Social Medias the right way. 

Girls all over the world admire her and follow her because they believe in her.  She gives them tips on new exercises or foods, she posts about herself too, her life goals and her everyday life, to establish a more intimate relationship with her followers.

Kayla’s success is thanks to her approachability, she comes across as a simple girl, who’s life goal is help other women to be confident and comfortable in their own skin. Girls all over the world admire her, she is the new fitness and health icon everyone wants to be like! 

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Inspirational Branding

The Secret behind a perfectly warm, chewy and sugary BRAND!

How to bake a Brand

I’ve always wished there was a secret recipe to Brand Creation out there, I mean with so many cooking blogs and foodies out-there in the city, you would expect that one of them would have written about it …. right? Well, here is my try to MIX this two world and get the right recipe.

Just like everyone enjoys a freshly baked cookie, everyone can enjoy your Brand. It does’t matter what type of Brand you are or to what audience you sell, you need to be MOIST to be loved; and by “moist” I mean extra soft right in your CORE.

Call it the WHY, Purpose or Motif, all Brands need to hold a CORE meaning to their everyday.  We all love the homey smell, the memories it gives and that fuzzy feeling of being cared for and loved. The Brand we buy its a treat for us, its a moment of eHow to bake a Brandscape into that world, created by the Brand, and we feel like we belong.

On that Note, Here is my BRAND Recipe:

1/2 ml of  FEELING

1 dash of EXPERIENCE


Mix well with LIFESTYLE


And finally … Sprinkle heavily with HEART

Im sure every type of recipe has been explored by baker-bloggers… Yet you can’t say no to the smell of fresh baked goodness of a Heavy Hearted BRAND.

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Inspirational Branding

Brand Essentials


Essential’s Pics, once used only by Instagrammers, are now being used by Brands and Retailers on Social Media. Their carefully and curated layouts show snippets of the Brand’s Daily Life. 

Featured by @Gap
Featured by @Gap

As Brand Managers, we are known for using almost anything as a support to our Main Concept. Using this “Essentials” method as a Branding tool can surly become an interesting Brand Concept support.

Here is where you get creative and Imagine what would your Brand’s Essentials be.  Imagine the objects your Brand would take to work, on a trip or at a shopping spree; picture how they would be layout and create a symmetrical mood board. You can tell a lot from the type of objects, color palette and distribution of the items you choose.

This could also be applied as a Team Building exercise. We all know that a Brand’s true Personality is hard to describe. Choose from Essential cut-outs objects that represent your brand, give them to your team and ask them to reverse-engineer a story; where is your Brand using this items? Why did your Brand choose them, etc. This way the Brand’s Insight gets clearer.

Essential Pics popularity keeps growing on Social Networks,  yet I think we have not seen their true communication potential.


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Inspirational Branding

Brand Perfect Pair


We all know about the great and eternal quarrels in Branding, Donkin’ Donuts vs Krispy Kreme, Canon vs Nikon and the OH so legendary Coca Cola vs Pepsi Cola.


Yet Brands do not fight in our daily lives, we enjoy Brands together, they balance each others mood and their personalities blend. Brands need to embrace and act on these Brand Pairs (Dashing Brand Term) that go perfectly together.

Ok I’m not saying that a bit of fighting is wrong, as a matter of fact it is even a Branding Strategy, to choose ones Brand Enemy in order to create a healthy competition and internal team spirit.

Still, Brands should not just embrace on corporate and boring co-branding actions, they should create partnership with their own Brand Pair. We do not costume or use one and only one Brand at a time, I mean common even if you tell me that you like your coffee at one specific place and that you are bound to consume only their branded caffein, you are likely to find even at that purple-sofa-grande-cup place other complementary Brands.

Brands should pay attention to our everyday Brand Pairs, they probably hold the key to the target-insight they are looking for.

Here is a couple of my personal Brand Pairs (don’t judge):

Jack Daniel’s and Coca Cola : When I’m feeling Rebellious

Moët & Chandon and Laduree : When I’m feeling Spoiled

Starbucks and Apple : When I’m feeling Inspired

Herballife and Nike : When I’m feeling Healthy

Nutella and Anything : When I’m feeling Melancholic

Next time you are wondering what your Brand’s Personality IS, think about the Brand you would Pair it to and in what situation you would do it.

What are your daily Brand Pairs?

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