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Inspirational Branding

ode to the Insight


A visionary concept found hiding at plain sight.

an elusive ghost.
A myth, a spirit,
a morning fog that arrives as easily as it escapes.

A matter for the Gods,
a spiritual guide of the masterminds.
It is within the Insight that we make the intangible, tangible.

Easy to see it as a bygone gift reserved for the creative few, the lucky ones who’ve shouted through it, eureka!

We keep encountering tools that guarantee success if the process and steps are blindly followed.
We keep finding inspirational tools that over promise aiding our strategy with pointless exercises.

We keep loosing ourselves as we use this so called miracle methods, only to find ourselves back to square one and with no new Insight in mind.

Have we become eternal idea-daydreamers?
Have insights become a mere word with no relative meaning?

Getting this spark of inspiration is easier said than done.
It comes down to you, your knowledge, your ability to connect ideas, but most important… It comes down to the contrasting lifestyles you experience.

We constantly seek new inspiration,
new products,
new design,
new concepts.

Our never-ending look for Brand concepts that will awe our creative minds and ignite the spark we so desperately seek lies within the Anatomy of the insight.


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Inspirational Branding

A Brand Manager in Design School


Yes, I went back to school. It might be crazy to do so, but Its the right moment for a Brand Manager to learn the thinking-process behind a designer’s creation.

I have to admit I’ve always been a little jealous of designers, when ever I passed a project or a new strategic research and they got to single-handedly create my initial ideas. Its true, that as Brand Managers we are meant to aid the creative process and guide an initial design approach. Yet the Graphic Designers ability to take that strategy and create a design right on the spot has always struck me as pure genius.

One of my main jobs as a Brand Consultant is to analyze all sort of creative market Trends from packaging to corporate communication. And this past year the strategic point of view of experts in our field has been: “Brand Managers will begin to think more like designer” art.  Maybe its the do-it-all mentality or the design savvy consumer, that is pushing Brand Strategist to learn more about the other side of the coin.

I use to give such a hard time to the designer who worked in my team and  I confess I used phrases similar to our clients “it’s just one small change”, “you just have to make the type bigger” even the dreaded “can you change the color”. After a few weeks with typography design, I can understand their frustration with the smallest change; since you have to analyze every type, space and grid in the design.

After only half a month in design school I find myself with a new found respect for my fellow designers, and more than ever, I’m keen on learning the thought process behind their amazing Design AHA moments!

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