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The future of Creativity is DATA

I couldn’t pass the opportunity of writing after this two articles hit the web this past week.
There is no hiding the fact that A.I within the marketing space is both scary and exiting.
A.I creativity can both damage and enhance our sector.
IBM’s A.I Watson computer has jumped from market to market, using extensive data to make accurate business-choices that once were only done by top strategists and data analysts.
Within different subject lines, Adweek and GQ managed to pinpoint on a once semi-underground subjects.
The power of DATA.
The sign of a FAD becoming a TREND is when mainstream magazines like Adweek and GQ make it a subject line on a news piece.  Articles like this become code for every strategist to say “Should we be doing that too?”
It’s through this amplified media I predict we’ll get more examples of data used for creativity that we should keep our eyes on.
I’m sure you were as impressed as I was by the news that Amazon acquired Whole Foods.
After all why does a digital giant want with a brick and mortar niche market?
If you read Hungry for your data GQ Article, it doesn’t address the distribution power behind Whole Foods, but it talks about the power behind the DATA that the company holds. 
Whole Foods holds precious data from the real world, that the digital giant seeks and needs. A new way to understand the way to enhance both digital and store shopping is by knowing how we shop in both worlds.
This acquisition is basically foreshadowing the future of retail strategy within the digital data space.
As strategists we must  understand how to guide our clients into a data driven creative/strategic world.
To help them navigate new data analytics softwares or services in order for these to help us develop effective strategies from day one.
What I liked about the Creative data campaigns From Data to Tada AdWeek article, is that we’ve seen a few examples of data being used for creativity, but none as amplified as the once they list.
When you get a topic to become a compendium of thoughts within an article… That’s when it gets amplified!
This data creative examples are the future of case studies we must understand and replicate for the future of our clients.
Data is knowledge, and Knowledge is power after all.
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Brand Review : Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor

©James Woodley Photography

BRAND Immersion : Intrinsic Brand value’s analysis

Fitness classes have developed the need for society to get back in touch with our bodies not just at a physical level, but spiritual as well.

Their cult-like lifestyle is intoxicating for a reason. You walk out a new person, a person filled with the positive energy of men and women in every walk of life.

When you are in a room with people that have the same emotional goals as you, even if you don’t engage in conversation, you connect to them at a deep energy level.
At one specific moment we all become a collective energy for change.

To become someone better, to feel good within, to be proud of ourselves both physically and mentally.

Your body and mind go into a trace with like minded positivity.
This energy is so fulfilling, so strong, so empowering it becomes addictive.

©James Woodley Photography
©James Woodley Photography

 A healthy dependency to happiness by symbiosis.
History is full of examples both in ancient and modern civilizations of similar tandem rituals.

Humans are known to gather around a single object or symbol to move or dace within a certain rhythmic sound. It’s within these moments of trance, were a true connection to the gods was felt.

Ceremonial rituals to worship and devote all energy to a certain divinity.

If you’ve ever been at a Barry’s Bootcamp class, you clearly feel all energy in the room being focused on one idol. The trainer in the room becomes a symbol of our own need to change.

All our trust goes to one idol, all our devotion. One idol whom we aspire to be.

This wellness movement has come to idolize trainers and fitness models as such. We give value to the one person who can facilitate our physical and emotional goals, a spiritual guide who knows all the secrets we seek to posses.


Barry’s Bootcamp trainers not only create a string allure around them, becoming social media kings and queens, they become part of our lives. Their figures become an influence to to our daily choices.

We are in a moment where tuning into our spiritual beings is not only a trend, but a necessary part of our lives. We admire and praise people who are in sync with their wellbeing selves and seek to follow the path of a wellness change

We value wellness goals as much as professional ones and lookup to individuals who have turned this into a career. 

It’s when all the negative energy goes out of our bodies that we have the space to actually listen to our creative being.

It’s when we are truly connected with ourselves that we can hear the calling of inspiration.

It’s when we allow more room for our mind and body to fill with positive energy that positive ideas burst in, connections happen and the insights begin.


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New York City’s unique Concept store STORY is my favorite place for a gallant holiday shopping.

Just as a stylish home out of a Restoration Hardware catalog. Products and Brands are displayed on divided areas based on moods and styles of an elegant home; the store is divided into different home spaces, which make the experience unique.

This concept-retail recreates itself every month with a different sponsor and idea. Founder Rachel Shechtman describes it as a live magazine. For this Christmas 2016 edition, STORY partnered with Microsoft Surface and recreated a charming “Home for the Holidays”.

The first part of your holiday scouting has been done for you. It’s as if a personal shopper has stylized each area to cater your personal Brand– and we all know we choose gifts based on what we like. Brands take advantage of this HOLIDAY spirit and shopping frenzy inside all of us.

Brands must represent the HOLIDAY spirit without falling into a cliché. For this very social-media year, I would say it’s important for Brands to create lifestyle experiences rather than the usual holiday-commercials.

No wonder why this 2016 Xmas, Microsoft Surface partner with STORY. Placing this new laptop amidst an Instagram-worthy scenario. The new Microsoft Surface feels right at -Home for the Holidays.

It’s the perfect stop for every stylish and unique Christmas gift you are looking for. It even has a feel of  The DASHING BRAND . A gentleman’s area, perfect for any essentials you needed for yourself or that special gent in your life. (Santa, take note)

During the Holidays Brands take extra time to create experiences that can capture the already overexposed consumer.
STORY store, makes you feel as if you just stepped inside your favorite Brand’s Instagram feed.

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THE AMERICAN HOPE #stillwithher


The first Monday after the unthinkable result of the 2016 presidential campaign.

At first glance, it seemed to all of us,  American born and American at heart, that our people turned its back on all the reasons why we love this beautiful Country.

It felt like someone and something so dear to us passed away.

We all mourned for days and feared the uncertainty of the imminent future.
Thinking of what will come next… fearing what the politics of TRUMP HATE will created.

But nothing has compared to the power of LOVE & UNITY that has awaken inside the hearts of millions of Americans and communities.

The American Dream has become THE AMERICAN HOPE.

And nothing puts our hearts at rest than the power of the Media, Artists and Brands we love. All whom keep joining this NEW campaign of unity.

  • SNL emotional “Hallelujah” powerful message: “I’m not giving up, and neither should you.”
  • Airbnb Community Commitment Brand Video
  • Fergie’s new single “Life Goes On”
  • Emma Watson’s promise to “Fight even harder for all the things I believe in.”
  • ACLU promise to take action against TRUMP


America still believes in the opportunity to LIVE unlike any other country.

To LIVE as we truly are.
To LIVE as newcomers.
To LIVE at our passions.
To LIVE for others.

I am STILL with HER. Hillary Clinton  has awaken a movement of LOVE.
We will fight for the rights that she defended in her campaign and we will stand together.


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When a BRAND becomes political


Starbucks mid-holiday season cup design created a stand with a strong political message.
UNITY…. or Hillary Clinton‘s Stronger Together?
In a not so subtle way, Starbucks appears to stand  for the democrat candidate. 

As a Starbucks loyal… I’m glad they launched a message of Community.

Starbucks green community cups, a right or wrong Brand move?
I say … Extremely RIGHT! Brand position towards political issues,  special in this 2016 presidential campaign, is extremely relevant.

Long gone are the days when a brand needed to stay neutral and silent on any political views and/or social issues. Brands these days are staying true to the core values of both the external brand and the internal brand.

We saw the first true statements when the Supreme Court made history for gay marriage rights this past 2015. #lovewins appeared in almost every Brand’s social media. And consumers LOVED it! A moment worth celebrating with the Brand or Brands you are loyal to.

We are living in times where our favorite Brand’s opinion is extremely relevant to our daily lives. Once upon a time, our favorite Brand could stay silent and the better choice was to play it neutral.

Today consumers no longer follow a product, they follow a Brand. A Brand that has to stand with  values they believe in. We’ve seen it again and again, consumers seek Brands they can relate to, at extremely deep feeling levels.

This Election Day I bet we will see more Brands taking a political stand.


Don’t play it safe,  don’t stay in the sidelines.
Take a stand as your brand would! Give the Brand, the voice it deserves and the stand it would do.

You’ll be surprised  how many consumers are looking for actual meaningful messages to be loyal to.
COMMUNITY is a stronger value and message than the usual NATURAL INGREDIENTS one.

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H&M teams up with Katy Perry for the Holidays: Golden Goals


It’s no secret H&M is a Titan when it comes to retailers.

Having over 17 billion annual sales, they are the second largest apparel retailer in the world just behind Inditex Group which includes Zara, Massimo Duti,  Bershka and others.

Wanting to be ahead of the game, they teamed up with Katy Perry for their Christmas Collection. Being the most profitable Pop Star worth over 135 Million Dollars and having a successful career means a lot to the brand. She just finished her well acclaimed “Prismatic World Tour” and presented at the SuperBowl Half Time this year (which set a record being watched by over 118.5 viewers). This strategic move is really clever, without mentioning the exposure she gets because of her videos on Youtube (2 Billion Views) and her other endorsement deals (Covergirl).

In the campaign we see a very joyful Katy Perry which has a set of various costumes that perfect represent her bubbly personality. This goes perfect with the cheerful holiday and the “eclectic-ness” the Brand wants to show in each one of their fashion lines.

H&M‘s very successful business model relies on having two main collections through the year (Spring and Fall), in which they have all the basics. Then they have two sub-collections in which they present the more “fashion-forward” pieces.  Here they have made important alliances with powerful Fashion Houses which include Versace, Roberto Cavalli and the most recent one, Balmain.

Of course, we know Katy Perry is not the first. Knowing the importance of public figures, they have made collaborations with style icons which add up to the branding lifestyle. Including; David Beckham, which is the brand ambassador people relate directly to the brand. He has a permanent underwear collection that has been quite successful. Being named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2015 by People’s magazine gives him the right amount of exposure the brand wants and needs to be indirectly in the consumers mind.

Without a doubt, with these business strategies, H&M will reach their golden goal which means being the most important fashion retailer in the world.

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An Icon for an Icon: Madonna for Versace


Creative director, Donatella Versace, chose the Queen of Pop to be the brand’s inspiration. No other theme or concept is used but Madonna herself.

Versace, the Italian fashion brand by excellence that is world-known for its luxurious extravagance has a new face for its SS15 Campaign: Madonna.

Shot by Mert & Marcus ( who´ve work with her previously directing her “Girl Gone Bad” video), the black and white campaign shows a stylish femme-fatale Madonna. The photographs portray a very sexy and powerful woman with a very strong look. Image which Madonna has constructed over the years.

When an important Fashion House like Versace invited Madonna and told her for this Campaign to “be herself”, means she has being branding herself the right way. She is being the face of the brand, just as well renowned models that are powerful l in the Fashion Industry like Lara Stone, Adriana Lima, Cara Delavigne and Candice Swanepoel.

This joint venture came with perfect timing. Her new album “Rebel Heart” is being released this year, but in the Music Industry, the music isn´t enough. Artists need to expand their horizons and try other things to build themselves an image that can turn them into a powerful brand. Madonna tried that and conquered the Fashion one. Her constant image changes with very defined concepts made herself an inspiration.


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Kendall Jenner: Victoria’s not so secret weapon?


Victoria’s Secret is well known worldwide because of the concept they’ve created. The sexy but yet classy brand has built through the years a certain image that is inspirational to women and appealing to men.


With nearly 5.2 billion dollars in sales (ended January 2014), we can agree that the company may seem all bubbly and fun but they are dead serious when it comes to business. Since the early 90’s, the company strategizes investing in their famous and anticipated annual fashion show.

The beautiful “Angels” that light up the runway are perfectly selected. Not only beautiful, but being at the top of their careers, Victoria’s Secret uses this to their favor to add popularity to a show that is seen in over more than 200 countries.

Living in a digital Era, companies must understand where the public is paying attention so they can get a chance to sell. This is where Kendall Jenner becomes relevant to the brand. With over more than 15 million followers on Instagram and being part of the most successful reality shows ever (Keeping up with the kardashians), Kendall could definitely add some scope to the youth audience the brand is aiming at.

If she is confirmed for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, that will be held for the first time in London, she will join a long list of models which are iconic in the fashion business such as: Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bündchen.

She was part of New York and Paris Fashion Weeks last season working for brands like: Givenchy, Balmain, Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna and Marc Jacobs. It doesn’t matter how she appeared in the business, she is definitely getting the credentials to be a part of it. Giving her the “wings” might be controversial but profitable for the brand.

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Celebrating an Icon: The Louis Vuitton´s Monogram

Celebrating Monogram

The name of the brand and the logo are a company´s most valuable asset. When Georges Vuitton Designed in 1896 the Iconic LV monogram in honor of his late father (Louis Vuitton) he was not just creating a fashionable pattern, he was making history.

The famous monogram has been the same ever since its creation, making it a universal fashion symbol. It positioned the brand making Louis Vuitton the company that is today, the world largest luxury brand (according to Forbes).

Delphine Arnault (daughter of LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault) and Nicholas Ghesquière (artistic director of LV) decided to celebrate the monogram´s 160th birthday in a special way. They gathered six of the best designers in their field to interpret in their own way the LV signature monogram. Having such an eclectic group of iconoclasts made each one of the pieces for this collection very unique. The chosen designers for this celebration are:

Christian Louboutin.- Shoe Designer

Frank Gehry.- Architect of the” Fondation Louis Vuitton” in Paris

Mark Newson.-  Industrial designer and Apple new Colaborator

Rei Kawakubo.- Founder of Comme des Garçons

Cindy Sherman.- Photographer and Performance Artist

Karl Lagerfeld.- Creative Director of Chanel And Fendi

The items will be available only for a few months (Launch date: October 15th), and the price range will be from €2,000 to €4,000.

This collaboration-strategy will be highly effective. Not only you have a “Art de vivre” piece of the top French Designers House. You have a limited collection of six of the most creative designers in the world. Louis Vuitton  may be a Classic Luxury Brand, but they sure know how to innovate and keep proposing in the fashion Industry.

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Abercrombie & Ditch: A Brand that digs it´s own grave


Once on top, Abercombie & Fitch was the IT brand among teenagers. It´s fresh style and cool look made the young segment to look at them as the preppy brand-to-wear by excellence.

A couple of bad institutional decisions, communicational faux pas and a huge arrogance later, places nowdays the company in jeopardy. Being part of one of the toughest industries there are (The Fashion Industry), Abercombie must strategize wisely or the future will never be as bright as it once was.

Colossal Competition– Yes A&F, there are other fashion brands out there, and huge ones. Forever 21, H&M and Zara are revolutionizing the fashion business. Their controversial strategy of copying designs right of the runways of the high fashion brands and selling them at a cheap price is working so well for them.  Trying to compete with them, but with high prices, makes no sense.

Brand Friendemy– Having a terrible CEO, Michael Jeffries, who seems more like an enemy to the brand than a friend. Making terrible declarations saying that their target are the “cool kids” and that they are “exclusionary”.  Seems that they are trying so hard to fit in.

Logo-less Brand– Removing the institutional Moose from the clothing in the US and not in the other countries sends a mixed message. Trying to follow the same strategy as Tommy Hilfigher and Ralph Lauren (in some of their fashion lines), without sophisticating the clothes it’s a big problem.

Abercrombie needs to go back to marketing basics. Get to know the consumer insight and innovate in what they offer. A brand can always keep the same concept essence, but they must evolve somehow. Looking at the brightside, they do have models actually wearing clothes in their new advertisement for Spring 2015.  

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