About Me

Let’s get the awkward first impression over with.

Sometimes not even I understand my love for Brands… Yes, we all love a clothing line, a tech product or a sweet treat.

But I love more than just the product… there is something about a BRAND that connects with me at an existential level. I see and feel them as living and breathing beings, capable of making you fall in love or break your heart.

So… Hi my name is Ricky Ramos and I AM A BRAND ADDICT.
I’m a Brand Strategist; Born in Mexico, experience in France, studied in Italy and now working in New York City.

The Dashing Brand Club is an idea to create a distinctive CLUB for all the Brand Lovers out there in the quest for  Brand Inspiration.

The Dashing Brand Club is a club to uncover Branding Strategy’s Concept Ideas and Target’s Insights. 


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