…will this gummy make me fairest than them all?”
2 pills of Beauty in the Morning, 2 bears of perfect hair in the afternoon.

2016 saw the market of Inner Beauty products and Super Food supplements grow, “Beauty From Within” market growth is projected to reach US$7.4 billion by 2020.

Society is known to change its type of currency throughout history. We have passed from valuing skills, to valuing intelligence. Today more than ever and with the reach power of Instagram;  We value Beauty above other factors. Beauty Currency has become so relevant, that not only this 2016 we (Agencies and Brands) have engaged in its exchange, we monitor it.

Of course, the leads if this new currency (you guessed it) are what we now call INFLUENCERS.
Influencers who style their life to perfection.  From the Beauty of their photos and looks, to the Beauty of their Skin.

2017 will be the definite year of Beauty Currency.
This type of Currency will increase for Brand’s that offer their Beauty lifestyle as well as their Beauty Promise.  Already strong Brands such as @SugarBearHair,  @ollynurtition  or @vitamix  are winning by creating a lifestyle journey to the beauty you desire. Many will say that this trend and  product benefit was started by  @thebeautychef . (I’ll leave that to your judgment).

There is no secret to the power of Influencers in Instagram and other social media platforms. Their extensive following values their opinion more than any Ad on any traditional media.

As users, we are bombarded by the perfection of this Influencer creators and wonder their secrets of beauty (or retouch apps).

Consumers (me include) are more than ever willing to invest in Brands and products to have their stunning Beauty, that’s where the new market of Beauty Supplements Brands realized early on.

Influencers are the key to these new product’s Brand Essence. Who better to showcase your Beauty Brand, than influencers  who take care of every beauty detail on each post they share on their profile.

Through these lifestyle shots, the very essence of a Beauty Brand is showcased.
Beauty Currency is something that you can’t see or touch. But you understand, feel and need. And that is what Influencers create within their social profile.

Let the age of Beauty Currency begin.

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Ricardo Ramos Lazcano

The author Ricardo Ramos Lazcano

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