Fortune magazine called it Breakfast Wars.
It started with All-Day breakfast menus from the biggest chain restaurants, now it’s a trend within every Brand and Food Co.

Don’t you wish you could have BRUNCH all day every day!

Common, you know you do…  I, for one, can’t get enough of sweet pancakes, delicious mimosa,  scrumptious eggs Benedict … and yes even a crunchy nostalgic cereal bowl  does it for me every time. 


As our lifestyles shift, to a time-starved generation, our morning routines changed dramatically. Breakfast; has become an on-the-go meal as well as an important going out moment aka The Brunch.

With no spare-time and with the love for this flavors, no wonder why Breakfast taste seem to be getting into every food category. Even protein powders are into the trend of Breakfast deliciousness, like Performix newest flavor Fruity Charms.

This market shows no sign of stopping, Breakfast market is keen to grow to $5B by 2017. Mix this projection with the latest growth of the SNACK category and you have a huge opportunity to tap into.

With the popularity of Breakfast food detachment from the morning time. All day times of snacking are quickly becoming a moment of consumption opportunity for Breakfast Brands.  Kellogg Company even created a successful Cafe in mid-NYC,  Kellogg’s NYC repurposes cereal as an all day consumption food.

What would be the next breakfast food product idea be?

You must address your breakfast Brand as part of a weekend Brunch routine.

  1. A charming location – Make sure your product stands out from the crowd by choosing a unique design. 2015 top 2 purchasing factor for Millenials are price and packaging design!
  2. A Stylish Setting –  Make sure your product is Instagram worthy. Check what other Brands do to have a high engagement within the social network.
  3. A unique routine – Make sure your product plays a part on the new consumer’s lifestyle. Millenials are, around the clock eaters, make it convenient.

A shift in design for on-the-go is focusing on this type of “convenient packs”, packs that you can grab throw in a bag and enjoy easily after. Millennials are choosing on-the-go and snack size food as meal-replacement in different times of the day.

Make your Brand interesting enough for you consumer to be proud of both sharing and talking about it.
So don’t be stingy with your design.

How about a Dashing Concept Video to get your creative inspiration flowing.

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