Starbucks mid-holiday season cup design created a stand with a strong political message.
UNITY…. or Hillary Clinton‘s Stronger Together?
In a not so subtle way, Starbucks appears to stand  for the democrat candidate. 

As a Starbucks loyal… I’m glad they launched a message of Community.

Starbucks green community cups, a right or wrong Brand move?
I say … Extremely RIGHT! Brand position towards political issues,  special in this 2016 presidential campaign, is extremely relevant.

Long gone are the days when a brand needed to stay neutral and silent on any political views and/or social issues. Brands these days are staying true to the core values of both the external brand and the internal brand.

We saw the first true statements when the Supreme Court made history for gay marriage rights this past 2015. #lovewins appeared in almost every Brand’s social media. And consumers LOVED it! A moment worth celebrating with the Brand or Brands you are loyal to.

We are living in times where our favorite Brand’s opinion is extremely relevant to our daily lives. Once upon a time, our favorite Brand could stay silent and the better choice was to play it neutral.

Today consumers no longer follow a product, they follow a Brand. A Brand that has to stand with  values they believe in. We’ve seen it again and again, consumers seek Brands they can relate to, at extremely deep feeling levels.

This Election Day I bet we will see more Brands taking a political stand.


Don’t play it safe,  don’t stay in the sidelines.
Take a stand as your brand would! Give the Brand, the voice it deserves and the stand it would do.

You’ll be surprised  how many consumers are looking for actual meaningful messages to be loyal to.
COMMUNITY is a stronger value and message than the usual NATURAL INGREDIENTS one.

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