John F. Kennedy International Airport, JFK, (Idlewild Airport); here the TWA Flight Center, terminal 5, designed by Eero Saarinen – 1969

Your flight is delayed,  your stuck at the airport, there is nothing to do, there is nothing to see.
Knowing what Brands to go-to, can save your sanity. (trust me)

Here are My TOP 5 Brands to keep you sane at the Airport.

We’ve all been there once.
You arrive at the airport early, of course, just to find out that your flight has a 5hr delay. Who would have  known your planning would slap you in the face.

5 Hours in a terminal is a long time to spend with yourself, so before a  Spiral of madness goes your way…  take advantage of the hidden treasure-Brands that exist at the airport.

There are few moments of frustration that compare to being stuck at the airport on a delay, and, I’ve had my fair share of them. Which is why I’ve learned to tap-on the power of 5 brands I usually find at any airport gate.

A Brand you love can trigger feelings of nostalgia and strong happy memories in the worst moments. Brands can become a self-medication in moments of stress.

Brands hold the power to change our airport mood. Here are my top 5 mood-changers at the Airport.

1. Cold Brew @ Starbucks Coffee 
My first move is to search for the mini-Starbucks corner, for two main reasons. I need a quick caffeine fix which flavor I can trust and as a Brand Strategist, I enjoy looking at the design differences in the You are here collection of mugs. A.k.a my version of Where is Waldo.

Brand Feeling: Supported

2. Magazines Section @ Hudson News
A usually locate a Hudson News store as soon as I walk into my Gate. The reason is simple, their vast selection of magazines and paperback books. I go in to browse for interesting trends of the moment , I can usually get at least one idea/insight for a strategy I’m working on…. and of course some gossip never hurts.

Brand Feeling: Inspired

3. CITY Treats @ Souvenirs Shops
Ok you are right, this in not a named Brand… But thing about it. Every souvenir shop has its version of whatnots and nicknacks related to the city your in and a city IS a Brand. Even if the are mostly made in china, looking at this ugly-cool souvenirs is a guilty pleasure of mine. Take a look at the city’s snow-globe font choices or the strange color-combos and laugh a little of this “Brands” – note the quotation marks.

Brand Feeling: Charmed

4. Facial and Massage @ Xpress Spa
Aaaah, there is no better way to burn some hours than with some well deserved you-time at any Xpress Spa . I love treating myself and releasing the delay-stress at this mini-spa.  Its nice to know that I can find them at most gates in the US and if you get the full facial you can use the massage chair at no cost, they even let you stay longer than usual. Thats enough for me to become a Brand Loyal.

Brand Feeling: Calmed

5. Lunch & Drinks @ The Centurion Lounge
 If you are a frequent flyer I recommend applying for an American Express card. I know its an extra cost, but think of it as an investment. When you become a platinum member, REAL PERKS start pouring in. And there is no better perk than the Centurion Lounge you can find at most international airports. You walk in and immediately feel like a VIP at a 5 star New York Hotel.

Brand Feeling: Empowered

Think of Brands as happy pills.

I bet you have your favorite treat to go-to or favorite movie to watch, that lifts your spirit. Well, now start thinking about what Brand makes you feel better. When you are feeling down go to the ones you know you love!

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