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FOOD is not a COMMODITY … Food is a BRAND, Food is a STORY, Food is a LIFESTYLE. 

In the past few years, Food has passed from being a commodity to becoming a Lifestyle and a part of the consumer’s personality. Consumers used to substitute one product from another disregarding its Brand altogether.

Today, FOOD is a LIFESTYLE choice. A choice that holds intrinsic values that make food the new POP accessory.

YEAH you know where I was going with this…  Fergie new video M.I.L.F.$  with hunk male model Jon Kortajarena shows us that FOOD (Milk in this case) can be POP culture element touching on mischief lifestyle values.

Fergie‘s play on Milk, gives it new lifestyle values.  Storytelling of this caliber can motivating consumers and drive them towards your product. This new identity, relates directly to the consumers way of life. Food Products must create a culture that embodies the interest, attitude, and opinion of a specific group of people.

Fergie M.I.L.F. $

food brands need to LOOK FOR A TRIBE 

Lifestyle brands carry with them powerful universal values or stories that are instantly recognizable by a unique tribe of consumers. The key would be to shift the products values. Values the Brand holds at its core. Repurpose this values, into a new set of ideas and lifestyle that represent certain qualities or meanings to the tribe-consumer. 

Consumers seek and consciously choose products on personality and self-values.

Instagram is now becoming the favorite connecting platform to Lifestyle Brands In 2014 alone, three million interactions were created between Instagram users and more than 2,500 direct messages to Brand Accounts. That’s 111.6 million of lifestyle-seeking consumers.

Instagram is the best platform for brands that want to interact with their consumers and showcase a LIFESTYLE surrounding their Brand. No wonder Fergie’s finale on her M.I.L.F.$  video is the perfect screenshot of her Instagram profile.

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