It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE! It’s… The Frankencopy.
A mismatch creature of keywords, sentences and concept paragraphs taken from others – a Copywriting Monster.

~ Just like Dr.Frankenstein built his creature in his laboratory, with methods of mix knowledge, this FrankenCopy creature can be created by interpreting and re-purposing different copy fragments.

Your LAB then would be a mixed of content media, books, magazines and of course the vast web.

~ How the Monster got created:
Breaking out into a new sector of branding is no piece of cake, or shall I say… It’s not a no-brainer (get it?).
Bad joke aside, I’ve  recently transferred from the Food & Wine Sector onto the Hospitality & Travel branding world. Let me tell you, HOTELS are the hardest Brands to create and positioning a new Concept for.

Mi usual Branding tricks were proving flat and plain for Hotel Brands; then I learned about the FrankenCopy method.

~ Simple logic… to clip and cut pieces of copy from the type of Brands you want your Hotel to feel like (say a Luxury Vodka). Repeat. Repeat. And repeat once more the copy-cutting technique and awe at your copy monster of copywriting chunks. The final step is to make sense of it… tweak, find synonyms, change the tone of voice.  After this steps, you’ll get the best new-inspired version of a concept that fits your client.

~ I used to say a Brand is a Brand, so the same Branding strategies should apply-to-all. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Hotel Business is the must cut-throat business, competitive as hell, hotels keep appearing and they all use the same concept of new-luxury and lifestyle feel. No wonder why the need for a differentiating positioning is much needed.

~ Get the townsmen (clients) ready  and FRANKEN-COPY the hell out of your concept presentation!

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Ricardo Ramos Lazcano

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