If you look at my Spotify playlist and you are a Music fan then you might get a heart attack. Simply because most of my music is a big mix of movie soundtracks, movie albums and a lot of Commercial Brand jingles.

Why? Good Question …

Picture someone in the R train heading Downtown, super pumped with the music he’s hearing, casually dancing to the beat and the occasionally intense lip singing. That is me, only I’m not hearing “Work” from Rihanna. I’m probably listening to “OREO Wonderfilled” by Owl City.

A total guilty pleasure… you are right. I can’t help it, I always let the Brand Strategist inside me take over. I know I should be listening to the latest hit, but I can’t help to address my obsession with STORY and switch to a track like A Little Less Conversation by JXL/Elvis reminding me of that Iconic first iPod commercial.

STORY is what drives Productive-Daydreaming, and that’s what I really I’m addicted to.

Once I start playing on this Dashing Brand’s playlist, my mind starts to wonder and starts to connect ideas and great moments in marketing-storytelling. Connections that can help develop Insights easier.

The other day I was listening to the new “Candyman” by Zedd & Aloe Blacc created for  M&M’S 75th Anniversary, and it got me thinking about the new ways Brands are connecting to our fast-paced lifestyles. Sensory experiences are no longer enough. Brands need to dig deeper and actually touch and inspire our psyche , that extra-sensory emotion that drives our behavior.

Thanks to this playlist my initial ideas of a Sensory Brand Tour evolved to a Anima Brand Tour.

So, here it is  The Dashing Brand Club playlist:

(Add Your Guilty Brand Tracks!)

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  1. This is list is comical, go to any club in Ibiza and you’ll dance all night long.  Play this list, and the crowd leaves in 30 minutes.

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