It’s no secret H&M is a Titan when it comes to retailers.

Having over 17 billion annual sales, they are the second largest apparel retailer in the world just behind Inditex Group which includes Zara, Massimo Duti,  Bershka and others.

Wanting to be ahead of the game, they teamed up with Katy Perry for their Christmas Collection. Being the most profitable Pop Star worth over 135 Million Dollars and having a successful career means a lot to the brand. She just finished her well acclaimed “Prismatic World Tour” and presented at the SuperBowl Half Time this year (which set a record being watched by over 118.5 viewers). This strategic move is really clever, without mentioning the exposure she gets because of her videos on Youtube (2 Billion Views) and her other endorsement deals (Covergirl).

In the campaign we see a very joyful Katy Perry which has a set of various costumes that perfect represent her bubbly personality. This goes perfect with the cheerful holiday and the “eclectic-ness” the Brand wants to show in each one of their fashion lines.

H&M‘s very successful business model relies on having two main collections through the year (Spring and Fall), in which they have all the basics. Then they have two sub-collections in which they present the more “fashion-forward” pieces.  Here they have made important alliances with powerful Fashion Houses which include Versace, Roberto Cavalli and the most recent one, Balmain.

Of course, we know Katy Perry is not the first. Knowing the importance of public figures, they have made collaborations with style icons which add up to the branding lifestyle. Including; David Beckham, which is the brand ambassador people relate directly to the brand. He has a permanent underwear collection that has been quite successful. Being named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2015 by People’s magazine gives him the right amount of exposure the brand wants and needs to be indirectly in the consumers mind.

Without a doubt, with these business strategies, H&M will reach their golden goal which means being the most important fashion retailer in the world.

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Bernardo Torices Franco

The author Bernardo Torices Franco

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