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From the “Night’s Watch” to a must Watch: Kit Harrington for Jimmy Choo

Kit Harrington for Jimmy Choo

Why Kit Harrington was not the right, but the perfect choice for being the new face of Jimmy Choo for men.
Where Rock N´Roll meets Posh.

If you are all about the Celebrity Exposure Strategy, just as the iconic fashion brand, which initial strategy of getting shoes and handbags into the red carpets boosted the company’s name, you´ll be interested in knowing the reach and Exposure the “Game of Thrones” star has.

Portraying Jon Snow, in HBO´s most popular show EVER!, gave Kit 18.6 million viewers per episode in the last season, counting replays in all the platforms (according to Nielsen). In addition to this, he is getting exposure as FRONT COVER man,  in some of the most emblematic and popular magazines; such as Rolling Stones, Men´s Health, GQ and Entertainment Weekly in just this 2014.

Seems like he didn’t had enough with his looks, his fame or his popularity, this Brit, even comes from Noble ancestors. You cant deny that this last one adds a lot to his “cool” factor, his it-guy Personal BRAND.

3 Reasons why Jimmy Choo’s choice is PERFECT EXPOSURE

1. Looking sharp in every A-list red carpet he appears

2. His show is having an exponential growth of viewers each season.

3. He is the leading man in every It magazine out there.

No surprise that Jimmy Choo chose Kit Harrignton to be the face of their menswear, specially in time for their first fragrance launch this September.

By Bernardo Torices Franco


Bernardo Torices Franco

The author Bernardo Torices Franco

Marketing Assosiate & Brand Analyst