Move Over Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers are here to stay.My Instagrammer world

The newest trend for Brand Projects is to engage with the Instagram community via their lifestyle gurus: The Instagrammers.

When it comes to the digital world we see new jobs sprout out of the blue, blame it on the need to reinvent ourselves in this crisis time or just the basics of expressing our inner-creativity.

Just as bloggers, Instragrammers started in this social as a hobby, and now some of them have over thousands of followers, no wonder Brands are looking for their partnership. They even have their own community , where contest and activities are posted daily.

It most be the best digital job. Instagrammers get paid to express their lifestyle through photography (and cool filters of course) they get included in Brand projects to represent the way they interpret the Brand’s character and personality.

Just an example off their influence: Mercedes-Benz USA engaged with 5 instagrammers. Through the official Instagram profile @mbusa, who ever posted the most liked photo (that represented the new CLA model) would win the actual car: over 2,100 Posts & over 2,750,000 followers vitality thanks to the Instagrammers popularity.

They have become the newest addition to the digital world, making them as important to engage with as bloggers.  Next time someone is passing-around amazing jobs, sign me up! cause I’m definitely in need of a change into the oh-so-magical lifestyle-world.

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