Proud to be a TrenderDo Marketing-men categorize and dictate the type of group in which you belong to?

We hear labels like Preppy, fashion-victim, Indie, shabby-chic or Swag to describe certain types of lifestyle. The latest being,  the well known “Hipster”, that vintage-addict, vegan-eating, retro-wearing subculture.

Well I don’t know about you but lately I don’t feel I quite fit in with most consumer-groups, meaning that I like bits and pieces of every lifestyle; I’ve got my (preppy) Lacoste polo, my (hipster) Vespa iPhone-cover, I go to work with my (retro) Pan Am bag and my (now mainstream) Macbook. Crazy-right?

That’s why via wordpress I here by submit the name of “Trenders” to that cluster-target who certainly are early adopters of fads of the moment. We like to continuously change style (disposable-fashion) and look for those cheap but trendy products. We look for Brands that makes us look up-to-date on fashion, technology and lifestyle. Brands most make us feel part of their lifestyle and world, it takes much to gain our loyalty, even if we an easily change, when you do win our trust, we are the best Brand Evangelists you will have. Our socials constantly change style, we carefully choose our profile-pic and header picture, they most be in sync with the moment trends.

If you can’t find where you belong, then you belong to everyone and to every Brand.

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