Tiffany Blue

That Tiffany BlueQuestion … Do you use terms like “Tiffany blue”, “Instagram style” or “Oreo flavored” when describing something?

If you do, those Brands are provably your guilty pleasures. I can bet you anything, you feel a tingling sensation at the mention of your favorite Brand and you have the immediate urge of making a comment. Use this (awkward) love to your benefit. 

Call them guilty-pleasures, since you no-doubt are embarrassed to accept that you feel part of a love-hate relationship (you know its true). When the Brand comes-up with something you like, you adore her, if it produces something you don’t like, then you-don’t-get why she doesn’t-get-you. That Brand is part of your everyday life, it can make you feel better or worse.

The first step is to accept it, then what? right … well since you are a consumer and most definitely a Brand Evangelist, try defining the reasons why you seem to adore that Brand to the point of craziness. Maybe its sleek design? Does it make the best guerrila mrkt? Always organizes the event of the year? Does it make you feel part of its family?

Its almost the same reason why you never-ever will eat that sinful vanilla ice-cream without your beloved chocolate syrup. The list of things that you would never replace from that Brand, identify the specific elements of a well planed Brand-Relationship and this knowledge is the key to every awareness, communication and marketing campaign. Brands kill to have this customer-insight apply it to very research you need to do.

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